Really good read on the ferguson riots and anti-police struggle versus the Left and Liberals. Thanks ninjabikeslut


Despite mountains of livestream footage, photographs, and firsthand accounts, much of this story has already been obscured. An entire narrative of recuperation has emerged, initiated by city officials like Ferguson’s police chief, but parroted by both Black and white liberal pundits and community leaders, that the unrest was due merely to a few out-of-town agitators, in particular white anarchists. The demonstrable fact of localized Black rebellion (not to mention Black anarchists!) is erased from history and from our political imagination, even as the possibility of meaningful cross-racial solidarity is attacked with the weapons of guilt and shame.

The implication here is that Black people, presumed to be one monolithic community, are either naturally docile, liberal, religious, grateful, and nonviolent, or are easily tricked into revolt by white people “with their own agenda.” The condescending racism of this narrative would be more obvious if it were not so commonly toted by the Black Left, which finds itself losing its grasp over populations of poor people fed up with calls for voting, reform, and accountability. This Left constructs a singular, monolothic Black populace specifically to better position their perspective as more legitimate than that of the Black rioters, Black anarchists, and Black warriors whom it seeks to dissappear. It is reminiscent of the Civil Rights period, when both Black and white liberals colluded to erase the meaning and substance of the Black riots and self-defense that threatened the hegemony of their nonviolent model.

Accomplices Wanted: A few notes on race, legitimacy, and solidarity with the struggle in Ferguson (via ninjabikeslut)

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